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How to tie your leash string

Tying your leash string correctly is key for safe surfing and protecting your board. Here is an important quick tip for tying your leash string. When you buy a new leash, it comes with a small string, also known as a parachute cord, that you will need to attach to your surfboard. This little string must be strung just right to be as strong and secure as possible. It may seem like a small detail, but in surfing, all these small details matter.

If your leash string is too long, it will be hanging off the tail or rail of your board. This is something I see all the time, and it is not good. When you fall off your board, your leash gets pulled taut, creating a lot of tension at the leash string. Extreme tension can cause the string to cut into the rail of your board and cause a nasty unnecessary ding.

If your string is too short, well, you just won't be able to feed your leash through it, so that is a problem too.

Step-by-step instructions and video link:

Fold your leash string in half and make a simple overhand knot. Pull the knot tight, down to the ends of the string, away from the loop. Feed the looped end through the leash plug. Sometimes feeding it through the plug can be difficult because it’s a tight fit. I like to use tweezers or a fin key to poke it through. If your leash loop is long enough, pull it halfway through the plug so you will have a loop on either side of the plug. Take the velcro part of the leash, also known as the rail saver, and feed it through both loops. Velcro the rail saver back together using some pressure with your hands to secure it properly. This is my preferred method and strongest way to tie the little leash string.

If the leash loop is too short to have two loops, start the same way I described above by tying the basic knot and pulling the loop through the plug. Then take the looped end without the knot, and feed it through the end with the knot. Pull it through and snug it up to the plug. The knotted part will secure down by the plug, and you will have a nice clean single loop to attach your leash to.

Keep surfing, find time to wear your bikini even if it’s cold, and remember to play!

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