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Woman surfing in Ola Chica Bikini
Surf Coaching
4 girls and a dog going surfing.

As a professional surfer and surf instructor for 20 years, I can help you improve your skills, catch more waves, boost your confidence, and increase your comfort in the various conditions and situations we encounter in the ocean. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just getting started, the more you know, the more fun you have.


As surfers know, there are skills to learn and improve at any level. Whether you’re looking to transition from a longboard to shortboard, improve your pop-up, freshen up on etiquette and safety, or simply catch your first waves, we cover it all together.



$150 for an hour and a half of surf coaching


Requirements & Preferences:

-You must have all your own gear and be ready to surf!

-Time & days vary depending on surf conditions and tides. 

-Weekdays are preferred since it is always less crowded. 








“I worked with Aylana as I was struggling to transition from a 9’0 to my new 7’2. I felt unstable and afraid on my own and wasn’t catching waves. A session with Aylana changed all that! She took me to a great spot and helped me learn the fundamentals of navigating the shorter board -- where to sit, when to paddle -- and got me to catch my first waves on it. I’ve been surfing it delightfully ever since, and I’m now again signing up with Aylana to help me step down again, something I would not have been confident to do otherwise! Sessions with her are also loads of fun! She brings a smile and positivity to the water that truly helps you feel the stoke, as well as her deep knowledge of surf instruction.”

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