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The Creation of New Shirt Designs 

I've been eager to create a new shirt for Ola Chica for a while now. So, I reached out to my good friend, mentor, and incredible artist, Marisol. Together, we embarked on a creative journey fueled by a blend of surf culture and artistic inspiration.

Our idea was simple yet exciting: transform surf shots of me into unique artwork for the shirts. Marisol and I brainstormed, and she came up with the idea of turning my surfing snapshots into vibrant cartoon renditions. It was such a cool process!

I sifted through countless photos, selecting a mix of shortboard and longboard shots from recent surf trips. Marisol wanted to capture me without my helmet for a more classic surf look. Since I always wear my helmet these days, we decided to artistically remove it for the final designs. With the photos in hand, Marisol began her magic.

The results were stunning. Marisol created a series of super fun and dynamic graphics, each capturing the spirit of surfing in a unique way. I feel incredibly grateful to work with someone so talented. Marisol has an uncanny ability to listen to my vision, add her creative twist, and bring it to life in a way that exceeds my expectations. Everything she touches turns into something even better.

Running Ola Chica as a one-woman show is a labor of love, but it's not something I do alone. I rely on the support and talents of my friends and family, whether they're helping behind the scenes or assisting at my booth. Community means everything to me.

I have immense respect for the talents of my friends. We all have our unique superpowers, and it's amazing when we can come together to support each other. This collaboration with Marisol is a perfect example of that spirit.

These new shirts will be available at the Pleasure Point Street Fair. Stay tuned for the release of these special shirts on our website.


Thank you for being a part of the Ola Chica community!

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