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How Much Do I Love My Helmet?!

I LOVE it AAA-LOT!!! Thank you for asking :) I began surfing in a helmet 4 years ago after recovering from a serious surfing accident. It was my first morning of a month-long surf trip to Indonesia. My first wave I got hung up in the lip of an 8’ wave as the bottom dropped out from under me I free fell through the air and landed face first on my board. I had a severe concussion and full facial reconstructive surgery.

I didn't feel comfortable getting back into the surf without protecting my noggin. At that time the only surf helmet that I could find with a good reputation was the Gath surfing helmet. I bought one and got back out in the water immediately. The helmet was great, I got the one with a visor which protected my face and I felt very comfortable on my longboard. I also loved this helmet for the days with strong glare and super bright sunrises and sunsets.

The only problem was once I got back on my shortboard and was duck diving I noticed my neck was getting really sore. There was a lot of resistance when I was underwater with this helmet. I started needing to go get adjustments from the chiropractor on a regular basis. My neck muscles were working way too hard.

A couple years ago a fellow surfer and friend from Santa Cruz was involved with some new technology for surf helmets. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to get to try a Simba Surf Helmet. It was like wearing a hood but even better. These extremely aerodynamic helmets are super comfortable and not noticeable while duck diving or taking a beating. I loved it so much I never went back to my Gath. No matter what the size or conditions I always wear my Simba helmet. It not only keeps me safe and warm but it protects my ears from the wind. My helmet comes with me on all my adventures that involve waves. It fits nicely into my bag with all my Ola Chica surf bikinis stuffed inside of it.

I am still one of the few surfers out there wearing a helmet but I figure it’s just a matter of time. When you are ready go check out Simba Surf Helmets and you won’t be disappointed!

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