About Us

Ola Chica designs began while I was on a surfing adventure in the tropical waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Since I learned to surf in Santa Cruz, CA, where wet suits and booties were mandatory, I never realized the importance of a good bikini. My first warm water surfing experiences were pretty embarrassing – I never failed to lose my bottoms while duck-diving or wiping-out. I tried wearing surf shorts, but they felt restrictive. I tried surfing naked, but that’s hard to do everywhere and you end up with some uncomfortable wax rashes. Unable to find a bikini fitting my strict requirements, I realized that I needed to have one made. I brought an old bikini to a seamstress and had her alter it and add a drawstring to the bottoms. It immediately became my favorite bikini! I was finally able to be completely in the moment while surfing and didn’t have to worry about losing my bikini, which improved both my surfing and my attitude. I have designed and tested many different bikinis and the ones I have now are definitely the best. I am able to be completely in the moment, which is what it is all about! Ola Chica bikinis are the best because they stay on when you move!

Ola Chica is “better than surfing naked!